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Lifebuoy announces the launch of inaugural Metaverse Think Tank


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The group will advise Lifebuoy on using disruptive and emerging technology to further its social mission initiatives

Poster of Lifebuoy's H for Handwashing campaign with Metaverse illustrations

30 June 2022, Singapore: Lifebuoy has helped more than 1 billion people adopt better handwashing habits to help keep germs at bay. Through Lifebuoy's social mission programmes and communications, the brand has worked with over 50 partners across more than 30 countries, enabling communities to develop better handwashing habits, improve hygiene and protect against illness. To ensure that Lifebuoy can continue its purpose to help prevent illness, the brand has announced the creation of a Think Tank. The group of advisors will supercharge Lifebuoy's social mission and create a 'Betterverse,' a Metaverse for social betterment.

Nearly $41 billion worth of crypto was spent on the NFT marketplaces globally in 2021, according to blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis Inc. In Asia, the top five markets that have bought NFTs are within Southeast Asia.1 It is evident that there is an increased interest in this space. Lifebuoy intends to use this power and interest for good and further scale its mission of improving handwashing habits for all by harnessing new technological power.

Singapore is a leading technology innovation hub2 known for its talent and modern infrastructure. With a global reputation for transformation and as a critical gateway for businesses to access the rest of Asia, the panel of experts include several prominent Singaporeans and residents. AKC and Tiny Island are stellar examples of Singapore's continuing prominence in creativity in the emerging technology space.

Think Tank members include:

• Triveni Rajagopal, Personal Care Digital Transformation Lead, Unilever

• Linda McBain, Chief Digital Officer, Save the Children, an established partner for Lifebuoy

• David Kwok, CEO of Tiny Island, based in Singapore

• Chia Hock Lai Co-founder, Global Fintech Institute, Co-Chairman, Blockchain Association Singapore, Former & Founding President, Singapore Fintech Association

Triveni Rajagopal, Head of Digital Skin Cleansing and Oral Care, Unilever comments,

"We want to separate the signals from the noise around NFT, crypto and Web 3.0. We can only do this by working with experts in this field, who can ensure Lifebuoy's social mission of improving handwashing behaviours of people around the world will generate significant support. Lifebuoy recognises the opportunity in this new digital meta world. We are eager to learn from partners, creators, and specialists to create a Betterverse – a place where we can ensure good exists."

Raising Funds for Save the Children and H for Handwashing

Through continued partnership and involvement in new technology, Lifebuoy will help improve the world's handwashing habits. The Think Tank's first role will help Lifebuoy navigate the commercial opportunities in new tech platforms, with more details to be announced later in the year.

Lifebuoy works with Save the Children on H for Handwashing. The campaign aims to engrain the importance of handwashing amongst children from an early age and accelerate handwashing behaviour change through a fundamental shift in how the alphabet letters are taught to children worldwide. The letter H no longer only stands for Horse, Hat or even Home. H must also stand for Handwashing! Last year the H of Handwashing campaign reached over 12 million people with content developed by Lifebuoy and its partners.

Linda McBain, Chief Digital Officer, Save the Children, comments,

"Save the Children is proud to be one of Lifebuoy's key partners, working to improve handwashing behaviour around the world. More than 700 children under five lose their lives every day due to unsafe water, sanitation, and poor hygiene. The good news is that this can be changed, representing an important step in harnessing the power of technology to raise vital funds for our work and help children reach their full potential."

For more information, please contact:

Tiffany Khoo Associate Director M: +65 9664 5211 E:

Cody Lee Manager M: +65 8282 3838 E:


Finder 2021. A poll involving 28,000 people in 20 countries found that the Philippines has the highest number of NFT owners (32%). The country with the second-highest NFT adoption rate is Thailand (27%), followed by Malaysia (24%), the UAE (23%), and Vietnam (17%).


KMPG Report 2021

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