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Ben&Jerry's Thanks Singapore Fans with 411 Storeys of Ice Cream!


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To specially thank Singapore fans for their constant support, Ben & Jerry’s celebrated its 10th Free Cone Day in Singapore with a local twist, serving up scoops of ice cream exceeding the height of a 411 storey HDB building1 !

Celebrating the most shiok Free Cone Day yet, Ben & Jerry’s dished out local delights with the first ever Build-to-Order (BTO) cart, offering fans popular local toppings such as chocolate love letters and rainbow rice. For a limited time only, mobile hawkers were also stationed at Raffles Place and Pagoda Street to dish out extra peace, love and ice cream to our moo-niacs! Other activities included a Tikam Board to help the undecided choose a flavour, and customised cone sleeves thanking fans in Singapore’s four national languages.

Ben & Jerry’s also showed some love to the planet by getting fans to pledge to turn their air conditioners up by 2 degrees! Partnering ECO Singapore and Up2Degrees, Ben & Jerry’s encouraged fans to work towards a cooler Singapore and planet. Fans who missed out may continue to pledge and join the movement or find out more at the next Benefit Nights happening late April at Ben & Jerry’s 313@Somerset Scoop Shop.

Moo-niacs rejoice! If you tried the moo-licious Choc Full of Ideasinc flavour and thought it was a fantastic idea, this new flavour will be added to our line-up in all scoop shops!

Made from chocolate and caramel ice creams with chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cookie dough and a crunchy chocolate cookie swirl, Ben & Jerry’s most idea-licious flavour yet was renamed from The Tonight Dough to show our proud support for Ideasinc, a local non-profit programme which strives to promote and develop local start-ups for better economic and social development in Singapore. Get your scoop of the best possible ice cream made in the nicest possible way today!

1Based on approximate calculations, an average scoop is 5cm tall while a one-storey is about 2.6m high

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