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Protect your family with new advanced Lifebuoy

SINGAPORE, January 2010 – Eating right and maintaining a balanced diet have always been the mantra to achieve good health. However, with the outbreak of communicable diseases like SARS and H1N1 in recent years, it has served as a wake up call for all to pay more attention to hygiene care and practices as well.

Lifebuoy, the world’s leading germ protection soap, has been consistently championing health through hygiene advocacy since the brand was founded more than a century ago in 1894. It has recently launched the New Advanced Lifebuoy with Active5 Germ Protection Formula, an intelligent selection of germ protection agents that are proven togive anti microbial efficacy against wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses.

In a recent clinical study2conducted by Lifebuoy on more than 9000 people over a duration of 41 weeks in Mumbai, India, significant positive benefits are recorded when consumers practises good hygiene the ‘Lifebuoy Way’ - washing with Lifebuoy soap on 5 key occasions3: 1) Washing hands before each meal (three times a day), 2) Washing hands after using the toilet and 3) One principal bath in a day.

Findings show that:

  • A significant 25% observed reductionin diarrhoea cases amongst children in the hygiene intervention group – who practise good hygiene the ‘Lifebuoy Way’- compared to children in the control group.
  • A significant 25-33% of observed reduction in diarrhoea cases amongst all age groups in the hygiene intervention group compared to those in the control group.
  • 40% increase in children’s school attendancein the hygiene intervention group without absence due to illness of the child or any member in the family compared to children in the control group.

Real and recorded health benefits are reaped by Lifebuoy users around the world. As the tireless crusader to champion the cause of health and hygiene with its expertise, Lifebuoy aims to provide the greatest protection from today’s illnesses.

Four variants of the New Advanced Lifebuoy are available to cater to everybody’s needs – Total Protect, Nature Pure, Activfresh and Mild Care. They are available at most major supermarkets, hypermarkets and personal care stores in Singapore.


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