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Unilever awarded Enabling Mark in Singapore for inclusive workplace


Unilever in Singapore was awarded the Enabling Mark Award (Silver), a recognition of our efforts and achievements in building an inclusive workplace culture.

A group of 4 people, one in a wheelchair, are in a work meeting looking at slides on a wall.

The Enabling Mark Awards is a national-level accreditation framework by SG Enable, a local agency advocating the welfare of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), to recognise and celebrate organisations and individuals who are paving the way for a more inclusive workplace and society.

“At Unilever, building a fairer, more socially inclusive world is a cause that’s close to our hearts. That means we are constantly creating create new opportunities in our workplace for underrepresented communities, including PWDs,” said Trang Tam Nguyen, Global Head of HR, Unilever International and Head of HR, Unilever Asia.

“We could not be more thrilled to receive the Enabling Mark Award from SG Enable, as a heartening affirmation that we are on the right track in building a more inclusive workplace at our Singapore Hub.”

Unilever launched our local chapter of Enable@Unilever in Singapore last year to champion and integrate initiatives that helps PWDs in the organisation and the wider Singapore community.

Every senior leader at Unilever is expected to go through our #UNSTEREOTYPE training programme, where they are encouraged to challenge unconscious biases in areas of diversity and inclusion, conduct fearless conversations around how members of out-groups navigate the workplace and how they can be more consciously inclusive.

As a global organisation, Unilever is building an equitable workplace that recognises the dignity and worth every individual and give them the freedom and opportunity to fulfil their potential.

We have set clear objectives to help tackle inequality and drive inclusion in our operations:

  • Achieve an equitable and inclusive culture by eliminating any bias and discrimination in our practices and policies.
  • Accelerate diverse representation at all levels of leadership.
  • 5% of our workforce to be made up of people with disabilities by 2025.
  • Spend €2 billion annually with diverse businesses worldwide by 2025.
  • Increase representation of diverse groups in our advertising.

To learn more about how Unilever is working to create a fairer, more socially inclusive world, visit our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion page at the Planet & Society Hub.

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