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The Vegetarian Butcher & Burger King launch Plant-based Whopper in Singapore


As the plant-based phenomenon continues to sweep Singapore, The Vegetarian Butcher is partnering with Burger King fans to launch a limited edition Plant-based Whopper.

The Plant-based Whopper burger

Now available on food delivery platforms and in Burger King restaurants across Singapore, the burger is suitable for vegetarians, flexitarians and anybody who loves Burger King’s Whopper but would like to reduce their animal meat consumption.

The Plant-based Whopper features a delicious plant-based patty from The Vegetarian Butcher, served between toasted sesame buns, and topped with freshly sliced tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions.

All about being better for the planet and kinder to animals, The Vegetarian Butcher is on a mission to become the largest butcher in the world with animal-free ‘meat’. The launch of Burger King’s Plant-based Whopper in Singapore makes it even easier for consumers to make sustainable food choices thanks to its iconic flame-grilled taste.

Didier Chanove, Head of Marketing at Unilever Food Solutions and Asia Business Development Lead for The Vegetarian Butcher, said: “We’ve worked closely with the Burger King team to develop the Plant-based Whopper patty and to recreate the iconic flame-grilled taste and experience to give diners in Singapore the tastiest plant-based burger in town – all while being kinder to the environment.”

Irene Tay, Marketing Director, Burger King Singapore, said: “We are very excited to finally bring the Plant-based Whopper to Singapore. We received many requests from local fans who have been waiting for it to arrive at our restaurants, especially after they’ve seen the Plant-based Whopper in other countries. This is the first time Burger King Singapore is introducing a plant-based burger, so it’s definitely been worth the wait.”

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