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Six beauty and personal care brands responding to Covid-19


Every brand in our business is doing things differently through the pandemic. Here are just a few ways they’ve moved fast to support consumers and key workers all over the world.

Children washing hands

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting millions of people all over the world in many different ways. Many communities are in lockdown. Frontline medics, factory staff, delivery teams and key workers are working tirelessly. Families are balancing teaching, parenting, caring and careers. And common to us all is regret at lives and livelihoods at risk, or lost, as a result of the outbreak.

There’s no question that these are incredibly challenging times. That’s why across Unilever we’re determined to use our reach and scale to help wherever we can. We’ve shared our global pledge to provide free soap, sanitiser, bleach and food to the value of €100 million. We’re offering €500 million of cash flow relief to suppliers across our value chain. And as part of our local responses, we’ve committed to covering pay for everyone who works for Unilever until the end of June.

We believe our individual brands also have a vital role to play during the pandemic – and in our Beauty & Personal Care division, helping people safeguard their hygiene and enhance their wellbeing remains a key priority.

We’re shifting plans so we can develop and launch new hygiene products in days. We’re trading in advertising spots so we can air reminders urging audiences to keep up the habit of regular handwashing. And we’re coming up with new campaigns that are designed to keep consumers entertained and inspired through lockdown and beyond.

Every single team across Unilever is doing things differently, and we’re extremely proud of the resilience and creativity of the people making that happen.

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