Annual Report & Accounts 2014

Unilever continued to grow ahead of its markets in 2014 and re-affirmed its reputation for consistent top and bottom line growth, ensuring continued returns for investors.

In a volatile environment consistency of results is key. Our model calls for consistent, competitive, profitable and responsible growth. With 2.9% underlying sales growth, and good profit progress, this is the fifth consecutive year of top and bottom line growth. This was achieved despite a challenging external environment.

Our business is growing ahead of our markets with 60% gaining share and we believe this growth is also competitive. The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan helps to ensure growth is responsible. The consistency of our delivery is underlined by the fact that our average growth over the last five years is 4.9%, making us one of the most reliable performers in our industry.

Annual Report & Accounts 2014 (PDF | 10MB)
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