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Unilever uncovered: what we do

Unilever uncovered what we do

Unilever is one of the leading suppliers of consumer goods. We have more than 400 brands and our products are on sale in more than 190 countries.

"The UFLP has been an inspiring journey that allows me to find my voice and leadership character. My recent overseas experience put me in a challenging environment of having to understand and support thousands of factory workers. This helped me strengthen my core business skills, for instance in areas of industrial relations. On top of that, the humbling experience has inspired me to continue finding ways to create positive impact around me wherever I go."

Melvin Wan, Human Resources Management Trainee

"Unilever’s culture that promotes diversity and agile working really suits me. Employees are entrusted with full job flexibility as long as we take full responsibilities on our projects and deliver the results."

Sianita Purnomo, Finance Management Trainee

Brands around the world

Unilever global brand logos

We've won more employer awards this year than ever before. We're the biggest European FMCG in the world, and are rated #1 by Climate Counts for our sustainability initiatives.

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