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Unbeatable confidence, uncompromising freshness, total dependability.

Rexona does not let you down

These moments happen everyday, unexpected moments of increased adrenalin and then sweat flow. At these times of crisis, Rexona won’t let you down. With our unique body-responsive technology which release extra protection as you need it, we mean what we say. Both men and women can enjoy Rexona's protection with separate product ranges.

100 years of giving confidence to the people

Rexona’s origins lie in Australia. Created in 1900 by a pharmacist and his wife, Rexona has since become a leader in its field. Since then, Rexona has gone on to provide cutting edge technology for consumers in deodorant care.

A can do Singapore

Rexona has long helped everyday Singaporeans get more out of life. With its range of affordable sticks, roll-ons and sprays, Rexona hopes that Singaporeans everywhere are out there , living life, meeting challenges and facing obstacles with confidence.

Our Rexona 50ml roll-on deodorant is one of the most environmentally friendly on the market. The moulding, assembly and packaging processes were streamlined and energy efficiency improved, with the resulting roll-on weighing an average 8% less.The new offering uses 1,000 tonnes less plastic a year than the old 50ml roll-on.

Key facts

  • World's biggest deodorant
  • Number 1 position in 29 countries
  • Proprietary body-responsive technology

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