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Refreshing everybody, one cuppa tea at a time.

Refreshing everybody, one cuppa tea at a time

Interesting fact, every second you are going to spend reading this, 1649 cups of Lipton tea are going to be enjoyed. Lipton is the World’s No.1 Tea brands with a commanding presence in the global beverages market.

Quality tea since 1890

Sir Thomas Lipton founded Lipton Tea in 1890 and he colour coded the best quality tea in Yellow. Since then, we have been following Sir Thomas Lipton’s footstep to commit to deliver that ultimate tea experience with the best quality tea. Lipton’s flagship product – Lipton Yellow Label is made of the finest blends from Ceylon and Kenya for that unique tea taste and signature aroma. In Singapore, Lipton also provides a wide range of tea products such as black tea teabags, loose tea leaves, specialty flavoured tea, specialty infusions tea, green tea, hot instant milk tea.

Revitalise, relaxes & restores

Yellow is our signature colour and being healthy is our signature credo. With a blend of the best teas from various tea gardens around the world, Lipton brings vitality, quality and natural goodness into your life. Lipton Yellow Label, our flagship product in Singapore is synonymous with great consistent taste and healthy goodness.

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