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Ben & Jerry’s

Fun, indulgence, living life to the fullest - some of the values epitomised in Ben & Jerry's.

The beginning of a wild ride

It all began in 1963, at junior high gym class in Merrick, Long Island, USA. Two boys found a common bond: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield hated running, but they loved food. In 1978, they decided to go into business together. With diplomas from a US$5 correspondence course and their life savings (US$8 000), they converted an old abandoned gas station in Burlington, Vermont, into the original Ben & Jerry's and started making Vermont's finest ice cream.

They soon became popular in the local community for the finest all natural ice cream made from fresh Vermont milk and cream. Ben had no sense of taste so he relied on what he called ‘mouth feel’, so big chunks of chocolate, fruit and nut became their signature. While they disagreed at times over the chunk size, they did agree that they wanted to enjoy themselves – as Jerry put it ‘if it’s not fun, why do it?’.

In the early days the boys were pretty bad at book-keeping. After two months they closed the store and hung a sign that said ‘we’re closed to figure out whether we’re making any money’. And they weren’t. But they learned a lot and by 1979, began wholesaling pints of ice cream out of Ben’s VW campervan. The rest, as they say, is history.

The winning formula

In Ben & Jerry's, we used only fresh Vermont cream and milk, as well as the best and biggest chunks of nuts, fruits, candies and cookies. It was not long before the lines for ice cream stretched out the door, and that was only the beginning.

To contact The Wall's and Ben & Jerry's Team:

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